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HPCA Message Board Terms of Use Policy 2021
HPCA Board of Directors Candidate Election Rules 2021
HPCA Pickleball Guest Policy Amendment 2022 (Replaces Pickleball Guest Policy Dated April 20, 2021)
HPCA Pickleball 3rd Court Usage Resolution 1/2022
HPCA Pickleball Club Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 1/2022
Board of Directors Code of Conduct

Edgewater Master Architectural Guidelines V1.3
Edgewater Landscape Guidelines
Committee Organization and Responsibilities (revised & reformatted Oct 2022) Applies to all Standing Committee
Design Review Committee Charter (revised & reformatted Oct 2022)
Landscape Committee Charter (revised & reformatted Oct 2022)
Parks and Trails Committee Charter (revised & reformatted Oct 2022)
Budget and Finance Committee (charter revoked Nov 30, 2022 effective December 31, 2022)
Cover Letter & Changes to Architectural Guidelines (October 2022)
Articles of Incorporation
CCR's 2005
CCR's Amended 2010
CCRs Amended 2013
Bylaws Amendment 1  2007
Bylaws Amendment 2   2010
Rules and Regulations 2019
Compliance Enforcement Policy 2024
Delinquency & Collection Policy 2024
Reserve Study Revised 2023
Reserve Study 2024
HPCA/JCA Assessment Collection Agreement 2016